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DESIGNED BY Lou_RotaThis graceful, entertaining imagery reflects your wit and inner wild. T..

DESIGNED BY Lou_RotaThis graceful, entertaining imagery reflects your wit and inner wild. T..

It all started with our love for food and home. These two loves have always been together, maybe sometimes in the midst of career or hectic rhythm of life they would have repressed, but with the appearance of family and children, they have returned with a bang.
Settling down in our own home was a good experience, looking for nice, comfortable as well as interesting and stylish stuff. Though I have always mostly enjoyed searching for different tableware, beautiful cups, food preparation accessories and other kitchen utensils.
When you feel that cooking, laying the table and creating the feeling of coziness means much more than a daily ritual, but simply becomes a lifestyle, you then start thinking that maybe it‘s high time for changes and new activity. This happened to us.
We set off on a trip around the world and started searching not only for pleasant, eye catching things, but also for such things that can surprise, intrigue and make you smile. We were thinking what we would like to have in our home, what could make us happy and settle in nicely. We believe that kitchen and living room are those key places where a family spends most of the time.
Let‘s start from this. Let the food lay down on lovely plates and enjoy fragrant tea from cups that make you smile. Please don‘t say that fancy tableware is meant for guests only, otherwise you will doom yourself to a boring and dull life. Let‘s be happy and enjoy every day, little things make miracles, let‘s be a part of this.
So we set off on a trip looking for something extraordinary and joyful. We are still on this trip, we are still discovering something we want to enjoy and share with you. Please join us and let‘s go together on this adventure trip.
VinMoDeco – it‘s a play on words: vintage, modern, decor. We look for style variety, and also different style combination when vintage elements integrate nicely into a modern silhouette, and when tableware serves more than a food storage function , but it reveals a certain mood, emotion, aesthetic admiration and tells a story. You may say, art in the kitchen? Why not!